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Guestbook for Robert Alexander

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To give you all my memories of Bobby would take more space and words than most folks would like to look at and read. Met Bob in the Cleveland Marriott lobby when he just became part of the NAEPC Board. Both Mike Halloran and he were standing near the door to the bar area and Mike was upset because he was approached by a hooker in the bar. Bob and I kidded the heck out of him. I instantly liked Bob and knew at that time I would have a life long friend. One found memory is when Bob, Mike and Sue Halloran and I were in Palm Springs, California for the FSP Forum meeting in the fall of 2006. We played a bit of hookey and went up in the tram to the top of the mountain. Other than Bob, all of us had on tennis shoes and casual clothing but there is Bob wearing his black oxford shoes, grey slacks, button down blue shirt and navy blazer looking like an attorney climbing on the rocks with us. When working on the NAEPC Board or when we did writing together it was not unusual to speak with Bobby on a daily basis. It was always a pleasure to talk with him and it made my day. The Obit described Bob very accurately and his humor, wit and congenial nature were renown! I truly miss him and will miss him always. I and others will never forget him. I am going to finish all the articles we were working on over the next year and his name will be on each article as well as a tribute to him.
From Gary Flotron
2:58 pm - 09/08/13

I served with Robert Alexander (we knew him as Bob) on the Board of NAEPC from 2009-2012. Recently we served together as part of the Nomination Committee for NAEPC and I spoke with him only few months ago. I was surprised and saddened to learn of his passing. Please know that all of us who worked with Bob in the arena of estate planning are going to miss him dearly. He was a good steward of his vocation and a good friend to many. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of his family and friends. May peace be with you.
From Cindy Causby
12:16 pm - 09/08/13

Bob was a good friend and an extremely competent professional. I served on the NAEPC board with Bob for over 6 years. I will miss him greatly as will all the members of the board.
From Pettus (Pete) Gibbons
11:25 am - 09/05/13

I knew Bob for many years. He was a good friend of mine and a top-notch estate planning lawyer. He took a lot of pride in his professionalism and knowledge of the law. I am glad that I was last able to speak to him about two months ago. He and I generally spoke about once a month, whether about a client matter or NAEPC or just to shoot the breeze and catch up. Bob will be missed by quite a large number of people. I know he had quite a large number of friends and a large fan base in the estate planning industry.
From Steve Oshins
9:09 am - 09/05/13

A true leader of the Estate Planning Community!
From Paul Pantano
8:19 am - 09/05/13